Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Left Foot, Second time around

 For future reference, it started on August 8th, 2016. Surgery date.
I've whined and cried and cussed and whined some more. I have not coped well this time. March 19, 2010 I had a bone spur removed from my right heel and behind the Achilles tendon. Haglund's deformity meant the retrocalcaneous would be shaved down as well as the bone spur removed. To do this the Achilles tendon had to be detached and reattached using anchors.

Six years later and once again the familiar pain but this time on the left foot. A surgery, a s;ont for two weeks and then a cast for another 4 weeks, I rolled around on a knee scooter. One week ago I graduated to a "boot". Getting the cast off was a goal and one that I looked forward to with great glee
. It appears that I have forgotten the time it takes to heal. I actually thought, once in the boot, I would be walking around just as the rest of the world who enjoy full mobility. I forgot how painful it was to walk for the first time.
Today I went back to my March 2010 postings and read everything I had written about the first surgery. I noted the time, the pain and the frustration with this surgery. It helped. I can compare the first surgery experience to where I am with this recovery time. How could I have forgotten?

An ice pack graces my foot which is elevated. I've taken frequent breaks today and sat down to rest that foot. I've promised myself I will slow down a bit. I'm on target. It will heal. Eventually I will walk pain free. I've been pushing it too much. I wasn't supposed to be full weight bearing for another  two more weeks.
Patience. I'm working on that virtue.

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