Wednesday, September 28, 2016


We were promised some cooler weather. I'm not happy with the reality. It did cool down a little after dark but not enough to hint at fall weather.

I did watch the debates Monday night. I'm amazed at the people that proudly proclaim they didn't watch them. These are the same people that will post their political views on Facebook. They repost memes they find, repeat sound bites they glean from Fox News Channel and can not extrapolate o
on their convictions. Yet they didn't have time to watch the debates between the two candidates?  Those that did watch came with their own convictions and it didn't matter much what they watched; what they heard and how truthful it was. The ridiculous behavior of the possible future leader of the free world mattered not to them.

I'm appalled that our country might be represented by a crude, brash narcissistic unapologetic grand standing candidate. This man cannot hold a polite discussion. The 50 times he interrupted his opponent with rude remarks could have been stopped by the moderator. It wasn't. His opponent kept a cool demeanor, ignoring his rudeness. This man is proposed by his party to lead this country in interactions with foreign leaders? I can predict his attitude will not enhance any relationships yet I hear people proud of their support for this man. They will vote their party line no matter what he does or says. 
I'm looking forward to the end of this election season. Though the male candidate is entertaining, he is scary.
Let the election process work this out. I'm constantly watching.

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