Friday, September 23, 2016

Haglund's's an Update

This is a post strictly for personal reference. It appears that my surgery in August 2016, though it was the SECOND time for this type of surgery, was one that I was ill prepared to survive! I had this same surgery in 2010 on my right foot. I should have remembered what it entailed but apparently I have a great skill recently discovered, to forget pain and the time it takes to heal. I've been most impatient and yes, even angry, following this surgery on my left foot.

Browsing through my posts on the 2010 surgery, I realized there was not much difference in this recovery period except for my attitude which sucks. Ask my husband. He will verify that I have been quite the bitch, moody and impatient and whiny. I should be embarrassed to even admit this but..truth is truth. I am what I am.

Today is 8 days post cast which kept me immobilized for six weeks, hereby known as "the bitchy whiny moody weeks". The husband was quite wonderful, waiting on me. He cooked. He cleaned and he tried to stay out of my way.

This post is to record the 8 days it took for the pain to finally cease from putting weight on my left foot. Finally I don't cringe and whimper and I just want to record this in the event I grow a third foot that might need an Achilles tendon repair. Hopefully enduring two of these surgeries will carry me through to the end of my life.

I still have pain but nothing like the first seven days of trying to walk on this foot. Granted, I have pushed the recoup time to the limit. The first seven days were to be light weight bearing followed by the second week post cast to a little more weight and finally into the third week of walking with full weight bearing. I've scrunched that time up into 8 days. I'm wearing a boot as much as possible. The surgeon wanted that boot on whenever I was up and about. I haven't obeyed those orders entirely.

The swelling comes and goes. I do want to note the swelling. Ice packs are applied when I'm laying around...but swelling is to be expected since I'm 7weeks and 3 days post op and out of the cast only 8 days.
That's it..Just a blog for my memory. I'll forget these details so I want to record them before that happens.

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