Saturday, September 24, 2016

15 minutes of Painless Movement

That's right folks! I've now advanced to "pain free BEFORE swelling". I have a  few luxurious moments, maybe even minutes that feet on floor and a slow walk to the kitchen is pain free! I've just slipped out of bed, darkness wraps the room at 0600 hrs. Me feet explore the floor beside my bed to find my backless slippers. I wiggle my feet into them and then take a huge breath. I'm prepared for the pain of standing. Cautiously I recruit all my muscles to move into a full weight bearing stance on my feet.
Imagine my sweet surprise when the left operative foot did not send shooting spike like pain through my foot. One step, then another around the darkened room while holding on to the bed frame waiting for the pain to surprise attack. Nothing. I don't want to stumble into anything and contemplate turning on my cell phone flashlight to find my way to the door. The husband sighs softly in his slumber and I don't want to disturb him. He has his own sleep issues so I try to be as quiet as possible.
Down the hall and to the kitchen, stepping lightly and still pain free. I'm so excited.  This is progress. It has been nine days now since the cast came off. Nine days of walking and 7 of them  excruciatingly painful.
This is why people go to rehab. I refuse rehab. I can force myself to do what it takes to get back to normal. I can force myself to do the painful steps, the painful stretches and the painful balance exercises. If you can't do this, then rehab is a must for you. The physical therapist will encourage, guide and then even insist that you do the painful part of rehabilitation. I can do this to myself. I'm very motivated to get well and get this behind me.
At this time, I will explain the "pain free walk" I had from the bedroom to the coffee pot. I have been in bed all night. The foot has been elevated with an ice pack before sleep. The foot has minimal swelling in the early morning so my pain in minimal. I'm sure by this afternoon after hours of up and down walking the swelling will return and along with it the pain.
I'm alright with that. At least this morning pain free 15 minutes gives me incentive and lets me know I'm moving in the right direction with this surgery and rehab!
I'm going to get up and gingerly put that foot down with weight on it and walk to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.  I'll note how much time passes before the pain returns and I know it will. I'm pumped! I see actual full mobility in my future!!

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