Saturday, September 24, 2016

10 Days Gone

Now 10 days post cast removal and the improvement is phenomenal! Most of the pain is gone. I am not wearing the CAM walker. A pair of backless shoes with a thick sole does the trick. I'm still trying to take breaks and use ice packs throughout the day. The swelling continues after I have been up walking for a while but I'm not complaining. I've made it through the painful part of weight bearing.

Next week the temperatures are forecast to drop to a bearable 80 degrees with night time lows in the upper 70's and I'm so ready to get out of the heat and humidity. My foot should be well on it's way to mending and I'll be able to enjoy the fall and winter months here. I had this surgery in August as it's the month that I hide away in my house. The temperatures are brutal in August and September. I planned on being "foot healthy" by the time the temperatures started dropping and it appears it will be as planned!

This has been my little update to the foot experience 2016!

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