Monday, March 3, 2014

Rad 29 and Mardi Gra tomorrow!

I'm showered and dressed. I stuck my foot out the door this morning to do a temperature check and drew back an "almost" frost bitten toe. Ok, so that's an exaggeration but it was such a shock from yesterday's mild, grass greening warmth. Up north, the new storm rages on. Ice and snow are closing airports and travel on the ground so I'm not going to whine about a bit of chilly temperatures forecast for this week.

Checking my email this morning, I received a notice from Cigna. Cigna is the company I signed on with for my supplemental or Medigap Insurance to go along with the Medicare I've recently qualified for. These companies that offer "Medigap" or "supplemental" that covers the 20 percent of medical costs above what Medicare covers, have written into their policies in very small print there right to refuse coverage for the first six months for a "pre exisiting" condition. I worried about this. I was prepared to argue this point had there been a refusal to pay any bills submitted by Medicare. The glitch in this, their "pre existing, you'll have to pay for the first six months charges" is the other statement that follows "unless you had comparable coverage with an insurance company" before signing up for this supplemental.
I did. Blue Cross and Blue Shield was my coverage but I was still nervous about the upcoming charges starting February 1 when I qualified for Medicare.
When I received a notice from Cigna this morning that I could sign in and check my activity, I nervously signed in.
There is was. In big black and white, the charges that Medicare didnt' cover related to my doctor's visit and the radiation treatment on that date. PAID!

Breathing a sign of relief, I now am assured that the 20 percent not covered by Medicare will be picked up by my "Medigap/supplemental" insurance policy from Cigna.

Treatment, even with insurance, has been expensive. Fortunately, it was only for one year until I turned 65 and qualified for Medicare.

Today will be my 29th radiation of the thirty that has been ordered. I would have finished up tomorrow but for Mardi Gra and the Cyber Knife Center being closed. My skin is angry. Red, raw and a bit painful, I apply the Aquaphor that soothes the burn a little.

The "girls" leave today. I've kept them most of this month on the condition that when the husband returns, they vacate. They will spend the time with their mother, cramped as they will be, it's a free place to stay until they find their own living space.  They moved out of their apartment and in with us while they shop for a place to live that has a small yard. S'getti, their Heinz57 rescue dog, needs a yard. She has so enjoyed being here. I find her laying out in the middle of the yard when the sun is shining, sunbathing and content. She has been able to get some exercise by being "off leash". An apartment is not a place for an animal. Nuff said on that subject, as we have had that discussion with "the girls" and they still insisted on getting a dog.
It's time to lotion my skin and take my morning meds and head for the clinic. "Ciao"

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