Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paid Up

And the end is in sight. This ending is a good thing. I've been shopping for a new auto based on this ending. I am receiving the final bills from the doctors and hospitals. Another 400.00 should see the end of the charges incurred before Medicare took over.
The EOB's (explanation of benefits) are continuing to roll in but they have become so involved that matching them up to what the statements proclaim has become almost impossible. I just discovered that the clinic now charges a "clinic visit". That's a 216.00 charge just for visiting. That's IN ADDITION to the doctor's charge of 240.00! I was appalled. I'm now having the clinic contact me on how many months this has been in effect. Needless to say, I've had enough of all the gauging done to the insurance company and to my checking account by anything related to medical and medicine.
Medicare gets a huge cut rate on all the charges from the facilities and doctors. A 636.00 charge is whittled down to 140.00 that is charged to Medicare. Hopefully this upcoming year will be minus those health bills and I will continue to shop for that new car.
Speaking of auto's, my Solstice is recalled. That ignition problem with GM has killed 12 souls. I've parked the Solstice until it can have the ignition switch replaced.
The husband remains in Texas but should be returning home on Thursday, the day of my colonoscopy. Wedesday is the daughter's birthday. I'm thinking I could have scheduled this procedure at a better time. I will be NPO all day on Wednesday, so that nixes our birthday trip.
....and that's my update on what's going on in my life!

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