Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward

The grass is moving toward a bright green. The temperatures have bounded back to something resembling normal for this time of year here in southwest Louisiana. I'm hoping we don't segue right into summer.
I'm not a fan of "hot" and here in the deep south we know "hot".
We have sprung forward this morning and are now off day light savings time or are we on day light savings time? I can't remember which is normal time now.  I suppose, thinking of extending daylight hours, springing forward would put us into those "saving daylight hours". Sounds reasonable to be.

Clinical report: The burns to my right chest wall, the side that was radiated, are beginning to heal. The pain is lessening, the skin is not as red as a few days ago. I continue to put the salves on as ordered.

The right lung is painful on deep inhalations and exhalations. I will see the doctor tomorrow to have this assessed. I may have some inflammation from the radiation. Antibiotics might be in order.
The weather is improving and I want to shop for a new bicycle. Since my Trek was stolen, I haven't been back on the road. I'm in sore need of exercise. 
Continued one day later:
I was just informed this morning that the time we are using now is the "normal" time. I'll have to go with it as I'm no argument to refute that.
I am back to normal routines, which meant picking Carrie up at her house and taking her to school. As I left her house, straight ahead in the sky close to the horizon hung the big golden moon. It was huge and beautiful. Fog was hovering close to the ground, the huge golden moon floated close to that fog and made for a weird but wonderful sight.

This morning my lungs felt a little better. I must be healing so I will delay calling the doctor. The skin is much less painful and red and I'm still applying the salves.
The husband just got put on notice of a job that is "up".
This means he will pack his clothes and all his computers, printers and scanners in anticipation of tomorrows departure to west Texas. It looks like his work lull is over and he will be back to his normal routine.
I'm off to get some house chores finished. It's great to feel good enough to get some things done!

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