Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The leafless trees have a glistening coat of ice adorning their limbs. The streets in my neighborhood are wet. Earlier this morning I-10 was closed due to icing on the highway but the afternoon bought clear roads to the city. Even with this, a few parades were cancelled. There were plenty of people that went out in the frigid weather to catch beads and gulp down their favorite drink. We stayed home. I had no desire to huddle beneath an umbrella in the cold for a few beads that would be bagged and donated to Goodwill within the week.

The husband made it in yesterday afternoon. His desire was to just "sleep in". His job required him to be up and out at 0500 hrs. each morning. When he gets home, I leave him undisturbed for as long as he wants to sleep.

Tomorrow is my final day of radiation. I'm grateful as the skin on my neck is very red and very painful. The techs were concerned about continuing treatment so they invited the doctor in to take a look. We both agreed, one more treatment could be tolerated. My sentiments? "Let's just get this over with!" I have been applying  silver sufadine to the highly reddened and sore skin. I keep telling myself, "this is no worst then a bad sunburn" and I'm coping well.

It's time for me to get beneath a blanket and watch some evening television. That's the kind of Mardi Gras day it was here for us.

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