Friday, February 28, 2014

Two More!

I'm waiting on the time to arrive where I will leave here to collect Carrie from her school. I get to sit in the car line and patiently wait until the signal arrives to move forward. About 15 cars move into the circle in front of the school where your child awaits guarded by a staff member of the school. We wait our turn. Some of us do. Then you have those that sneak around the corner and enter the line from one of the driveways that connect to the row of waiting cars. They think they are clever? I've grown increasingly tired of this behavior lately. I've decided to shame them. I now open my car door and make it a point of flipping up my thumb and motioning to the back of the line as if to say "you! you belong at the back of this line." My hand gestures must be easily read. The next day this same driver tried entering at a different area but luck was against her and she ended up behind me again. I did the whole thumb signal "shame on you" rigamarole. The third day, I haven't seen her at all. She may have been so shamed she pulled her child out of school or better yet, had the child ride the bus. Either way, this person won't be sneaking into the car line.

I'm now on the end of my radiation treatments. I don't glow in the dark and I have only two treatments left. I'm not at the end of the cancer treatment but only at the end of the radiation treatments. I'm sure I'll be going through some scans to check for any new places of cell involvement.
Hopefully, another 4 months will see the end of all treatments for a while.

A small entry here on the radiation affects on my skin. I have areas that are reddened and raw with the first layer of skin peeling off. The area near my neck is sore and red and raw. I'm putting Aquaphor on it as recommended by the staff. I have to be very careful of any lotions applied to my skin as most lotions contain metals and this would cause severe burns while getting radiated. The daughter becomes very emotional about my skin and the pain. I reassure her that it's only as bad as the worst sunburn I have ever had. In a few weeks the skin will be healed and in the past.

I'm ready to be off this short leash I have been on for the past year. I'll still be closely monitored but maybe treatment won't again be necessary for a while. I'm off to get Carrie! I would much rather be taking a nap.
I'm gone!

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