Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oh, Where Have I Been For so llong?

Busy. I've just been a bit busy around here. My house guests have come and gone. For three days we stayed on the move. Jeanie, who arrived with my friend Teresa had her own agenda for this vacation and we were more then happy to watch her accomplish it. Dance! Zydeco dance to be more precise. She wanted to enjoy the zydeco bands here and that we did.
We even had breakfast at a place that has dancing and food on Saturday mornings. This got the husband and me out of the house for a while. We had been hibernating from the cold and staying in so having a reason to get out and about was something we needed to do.
By Sunday he was on his way to his job in Oklahoma so we spend the afternoon in the park searching for a few rays of sunshine.
By Monday morning my friends were heading back to New Orleans to catch their flights out of here. Since Teresa has a 5hr. wait, I surprised her by showing up at the airport shortly after they arrived. We sat around talking and having some beignets and coffee while waiting for her flight.

Since then, I have been back to my old routine of hibernating from the latest blast of cold air from the north. Will this ever end?

Well, yes. It will because today we are supposed to see temperatures in the 70's. Yesterday I spent the day doing laundry and hanging it on the line, something I haven't done for months now.

I'm watching the news report on all the traffic accidents and the flights cancelled and I'm grateful we live this far south. We have received some uncommon cold temperatures but for the most part, our roads are dry except for the one icy day we had.

I have 12 more radiation treatments left and I'll be grateful when that is done. Having them is not a big deal. I spend about 15 minutes each morning Monday through Friday after I take Carrie to school. The remainder of the day is mine and I have weekends off. Are these treatments effective? Do they really do any good? I have my doubts but I have to follow the regiment set forth. If nothing good comes of it, I will at least be able to say "I tried" for my family's comfort and mine.
I'm off to find some breakfast, another cup of coffee and some warm weather clothes!

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  1. Your WV friends are keeping your name raised up in prayer!


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