Monday, February 24, 2014

My Nose Itches, I Fell Down

Well, hello there! I've apparently stepped away from the keyboard longer then I realized. I've been busy. As I lay here in bed with the laptop splayed across my lap, I'm trying to remember exactly what has kept me too busy to type.

House guests were here for three days which kept me enjoyably busy. The husband left for Oklahoma which should have freed up some time. My daily routine plods along beginning with Carrie's taxi to school and then directly to radiation therapy speaking of which, I'm now toast.
I was warned about the discomfort. The possible skin being "sunburned". My right chest wall and axillary area is now a bright cherry red and tender. The huge black "X" decorates the upper chest area. This allows the technician to line up the machine to the exact spot for radiation. So I'm crisp.

I'm crisp and my nose itches. My nose itches because I fell down. Falling down instigated pain to which I answered with a Lortab. That Lortab starts a side effect. That side effect is itching.
Yesterday I decided the tile floors needed a good cleaning. It was a rainy overcast day; a good day to clean. My tile floors are not of the textured kind and become very slick when wet. I'm well aware of this as I always warn everybody that the floor is wet and to be careful.  When my right leg skewed to the right, I fell face forward so quickly I had no time to protect myself with my arms. My upper body smacked full force onto those wet tiles. I thought I had jarred a lung loose. Very carefully, I crawled to my feet and headed for the ibuprofen. You can't take a spill like that without expecting some major soreness in a few hours and I did. A few hours and I was swallowing a Lortab. Not often but a few more times in the hours that followed, more Lortab and more itching. Now at 2200 hours, I am miserably  tolerating the itchy nose and a sleepless night. That Lortab will wear off and I'll be catching some 'z's" but for now I scrub my nose with my hand as I toss and turn and angrily curse the fall that caused my discomfort.

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