Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rad on a Saturday

Hello! We have warmth. I have a freshly washed car and the frozen ferns have been trimmed.

I looked up as my husband entered the living room. He had just showered and dressed. Nothing strange there unless you notice he was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Yes ma'm, it's that warm here. I,myself, am wearing a bright orange t-shirt, having shed my sweat shirt around noon today.
When I woke this morning, I quickly brewed a pot of coffee and got dressed while it was brewing. Though the clinic is usally closed on Saturday, the crew there had called me yesterday and wanted to know if I wanted to make up one of the days I missed during the closure from the ice storm.

At 0730 I was wearing that lovely blue gown while walking down the hall to the small waiting room. The machine had to have a fresh start which takes a bit more time. Eventually I was led back to the scanner and zapped. Today was the first day to use my Medicare card. I hope it goes as it should. If not, I'm going to have one ginormous bill at the end of February. I cancelled my insurance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield effective today, February 1. I'm a bit nervous now until I get confirmation or at least NO bills from the visits starting Feb. 1.

Next week the house guests will arrive. Wednesday is the day I'm expecting them in.

Another "shorts" day today and then a big drop in temps tomorrow and our crazy winter continues! I'm dressed and ready to take Ms. Carrie to school and then on to my radiation treatment. An oncologist appointment is also scheduled for today and I'm sure she will be ordering more treatments too. Ah, the fun never stops here or at least it hasn't for the past year. It will be one year on February 27th that I was diagnosed and started on this merry go round of surgeries and treatments. I got my confirmation yesterday morning that my medicare was in effect. HURRAY! What a relief. Now I have to see if the "supplemental" part of this insurance is going to kick in to pay the 20 percent that medicare doesn't cover. I bought the policy that pays for all doctor visits, all deductibles and any other charges applicable from the medical community. The supplementals have in very tiny print, a disclaimer on "pre existing" but also it states "if you have comparable insurance" when signing up for this supplemental, the pre existing will be discarded" and I'm hoping this is the case. The "pre existing" requires you wait 6 months before it kicks in and pays the 20 per cent over what medicare pays.

Always something huh? This "pre existing" is not a denial of coverage but a "waiting period". I don't think one will ever win over the insurance game. They have all bases covered.
I have to say, Blue Cross did pay much of my medical care this year with hardly a blink of the eye for which I'm very grateful although we did also pay 18,000.00 for the care for the past year.
I'm off to get the chicken nuggets warmed up and some milk poured for Carrie. I always take her some "breakfast" for her to consume on the way to school.
I'm watching the weather reports to see if my friend from Missouri is going to be able to fly out of St. Louis on Wednesday!
l'm outta here!

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