Sunday, December 8, 2013


The temperatures we are experiencing right now are unseasonably cold. Usually February delivers us into temperatures that drive us to find socks and real shoes with not only soles on them but tops too.
I watched the weather forecasts for last night but still I slinked to the door this morning, reached for the door knob while trying to peak through a portion of door  that has areas of clear glass. Opening the door a mere crack, I was swamped by the cold air that rushed in to wrap itself around my pajama clad body. I should have worn my robe.

Not only was it cold, but It was a very wet cold. The rain drizzled down and at 37 degrees, we were but 5 degrees too warm for snow. Occasionally throughout the day, I positioned myself in front of a window expecting to see the rain turn to snow. Just a light skiff would have been wonderful. This wish was not for me but for Carrie. The last time it snowed here was 5 years ago and she was only 3 years old. She doesn't remember. I have entertained the thought of taking her north during the holiday break from school so she can experience some snow. I don't relish driving in it again.

We did spend a little time this afternoon wrapping some Christmas gifts. Carrie enjoys this and her skills have improved through the years. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. I always grumble about doing this but once it is lit I enjoy it's lights and baubles. The crocheted white angels and snowflakes appear each year traditionally to establish their place in the grandchildren's memories. They expect to see certain things on this tree and the one at their mother's house.
Each year Carrie repaints a wooden decoration that hangs above my kitchen sink. It's a snowman with a picture of her in the opening of it's head. Carrie changes the paint colors on it every Christmas and it hangs there another year in it's new colors. Another tradition we hold onto each year.
I still have more shopping to do but it's not overwhelming and I'm not pressed to get it done. I like to save a little bit of shopping which gives me an excuse to join the Christmas crowds and get into the mood of the season. I'll spend a few hours in the mall, a place I might visit twice a year.

Right now, it's time to get some bath water ready for Carrie. She hasn't decided if she is spending the night here but since I have an overhead heater in my bathroom, she will get a bath before heading home.
I'm done here.

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