Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tamales and Christmas

Today is the eve of Christmas eve or ..just two more days until Christmas.
The daughter, granddaughter and Kristen went to a pre Christmas lunch. The streets were crowded with shoppers trying to get to the stores and the progress was slow. We met at Olive Garden and over Cokes and Dr. Peppers, sipped while enjoying a leisurely lunch, we laughed and planned the Christmas meal. Kristen and I left in my car to go shopping for some things for Lessie for Christmas. She was the last person on my list, having done most of it weeks ago. April and Lessie left together to go home so Lessie could get ready for work this afternoon.

Kristen made short work of helping me find things that Lessie would like. We were at Target and while there I picked up turkey breasts that were on sale. I bought 5 of them! These will be cooked during the coming year when we have mini Thanksgiving meals.

We are having a beef roast, a chicken stuffed with crawfish and jalepeno peppers, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce and macaroni and cheese and hot rolls and oof course the tamales. Everyone will arrive on Christmas morning for gift exchange and the Christmas dinner.

Continued: Christmas morning:
Right now it's quiet and peaceful.  I have been up since 0500 hrs. doing food prep. The potatoes are peeled, the dirty rice is cooked and the sweet potato puff is out of the oven. I am waiting on a call from the daughter to tell me everyone is awake and ready to open their gifts. I want to be there with my camera to record the event.

It's time for me to get dressed and get the car warmed up. We are experiencing yet another cold spell which is perfect for this Christmas morn.
Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year for everyone!

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