Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day "After"

It's over! Next year I'll have a different plan. The grandchildren have grown into adults. Carrie is the only child remaining that Christmas still means something magical. I'm making a vow to cut way back next Christmas. Gift certificates and a limit on spending will be imposed.
We did have a nice Christmas but I find the best part of it was when everyone gathered here for the Christmas meal. Laughter rang out from room to room, friendly teasing inspired. The meal was fabulous! Both roasts were perfect. Plates were heaped high and carried to the table.

I must admit, I'm glad it's over. I've already started removing the baubles from the tree and hopefully by tomorrow it will be packed away. I never wait until New Year's to do it. There is not a superstitious bone in my body and fear mongering is not my strong suit.

My appointment with the oncologist revealed her plans for me. 5 weeks of radiation and then Xeloda by mouth starting in February. The radiation will start immediately or as soon s they can get me scheduled.

That's my report for today and I'm done here!

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