Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary 11.11.2011

I'm sitting here looking at 54 degree temperatures and watching television. It's 1000 hrs and by noon it might be warmer. I want to wash the Marquis and the Solstice but I don't want to do it while it's this cold so I wile away the morning and wait....and it never got done. This was started on Thursday and here it is, Friday and even colder then yesterday. The temperatures dipped down to 37 degrees last night and today it hasn't rebounded to a degree that I would accept as one to washing of my automobiles.

The outdoor wedding and the pig roast is scheduled for late today. This is not the only wedding I'm aware of today. It seems that more then a few people want the date of 11.11.2011 as their anniversary date.

Around 1900 hrs and around 47 degrees, the bride in all her white dressed sleeveless beauty will trip down the short aisle in imagination only, stand on the elevated, white organdy decorated  platform and emotionally and legally unite with Mr. Groom. Hopefully the pig will be roasting, a huge fire more important for warming the guests then cooking the pig.

I foresee a bunch of shivering, coated and gloved guests milling around the patio and in  the decorated shed with it's plywood floors and walls with cutouts for windows and doors in it's stage of near completion. I'm hoping for party pictures later in the week and a report on the festivities meanwhile I dodge all the fun and the chill in the air beneath a blanket on my sofa, remote control in hand. I'm indoors. I'm warm. I'll enjoy the wedding reports tomorrow.

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