Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who? Me??

For the past two mornings, I've stepped outside to temperatures hovering around 34 to 35 degrees. This is not to complain. My hormonally challenged body is very appreciative. I can step outside and wash away the heat flush that seems to trying to crisp me up from the inside out.
I've heard people say their wives were going through "the change" and her crabbiness they attributed to the lack of hormones she produced prior to this rite of passage. I want to say right here and right now, that crabbiness is because she is hot. Wave after wave, flushed face, sweat gathering at the nap of the neck, and saturating clothing and sheets and hell..wouldn't you be crabby? I wish now, I had listened to those older women sitting around comparing their menopausal moments with each other. What? I didn't think someday it would be me that would be comparing notes with my peers?
Honestly, I never really thought about being "old". I noticed that the elderly didn't move quickly, especially when forced to walk behind them until I could find a clear area to the right to "pass" and move on. The limps from bad knees, the rolling way they walked because of bad hips and the electric carts rolling around the stores were just a part of the scenery as I barreled along to get done what I needed to do.
The heels traded in for wide, sturdy leather ones with spongy, flat soles  was duly noted but never once did I wonder about their reasons for wearing something so unfashionable.
I'm there folks! Wide width sneakers replaced the pumps that tweaked the calf muscles that peaked out from the hem of that short skirt. That short skirt has been replaced by a pair of Capri's or shorts that are a modest knee length.
My medicine cabinet now has the meds I swallow each morning and night to keep my lipids under control and my blood pressure from stroking me out. I consider myself fortunate that these are the only two medicines required at the moment.
Somewhere in the past ten years, I quit bemoaning the fact that the gray hairs have tripled. The jeans I wore in my 20's now a vague memory; I'm  grateful to be blessed with the relatively good health I enjoy. That's when you can tell you have really arrived at old age. You can appreciate the fact that you can still move around pain free and enjoy life, though it might be a bit slower paced. The wrinkles, thicker waist and gray hair are minor annoyances. Health is your biggest wealth; something it takes us years to appreciate and realize.

If you'll excuse me now, it's time to step back outside for a few minutes.

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