Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stop and Go

I've started and stopped so many posts lately. They bore me and I can imagine how boring it would be published. I'm in a mood lately. That mood is a bit hard to describe and putting it into my words doesn't make sense even to me. I read a blog yesterday that explained to me how I felt. I find it amazing that what someone else has written appears at just the right moment to enlighten. I planned on linking right here to that blog site but right now I'm just too lazy to go back and copy it.

My Thanksgiving meal will be served one day early. Carrie and I spent the morning baking and putting together part of the meal. Carrie is off this week and has spent much of it with us. I've been employed in being a "student" with Carrie as my instructor. We have sang our 'ABC's", played the hand clapping game over and over and I've made countless trips for drinks and food. Carrie keeps me busy;sometimes I'm grateful and some times I'm exhausted from her visits.

At 0500 I was out of bed and on my way to the kitchen. My Thanksgiving meal will be served today.  Casseroles, vegetables and hot rolls have to be prepared and ready by noon. I was ready early with my meal.

The daughter asked about inviting a few of her friends, and the granddaughter called with the same request. Come one, come all! And for those that couldn't make it, a plate was filled and sent off after the meal.

Had a bit of snow been on the ground, it would have seemed a normal northern Thanksgiving. A chilled air served the state after the rain storm passed through last night. It was a relief to step outside to cool down from being in the warm kitchen with the stove whose oven was on most of the morning and the pots of food simmering on all four burners.

We had a pleasant afternoon and it's over. The kitchen counters have been cleared and most of the food was sent away with the guests. A platter of food was kept for dinner for the two of us. Happy Thanksgiving and now we can concentrate on Christmas?


  1. Just curious....why did you eat a day early? We didn't have snow either. It was a lovely day but we did watch ice skaters at the rink so it seemed holiday appropriate.

  2. Joan...the daughter and family have Thanksgiving meal with her S.O. at noon ....and instead of having them come here at 1400 hrs...knowing they are already stuffed....I thought it might be better to have mine the day I wish I had done mine the day AFTER when more people had that day off too


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