Monday, November 28, 2011

Traditionally Yours

Bah Humbug! I mention every year about this time, "I'm just not into this!" then I head for the Little House to plunge into the containers holding the decorations for Christmas.

Carrie spent most of her week off from school with me. Saturday morning, after her breakfast which really could be considered brunch as it was her favorite meal of noodles and was served at 1000 hrs. we headed for the Little House. She was excited to be included in retrieving and decorating for Christmas.

We pulled out the tree in it's wheeled container and headed for the house. She carried a few of the pieces that are old world Santas that sit around the edge of the tree. We were on our way to getting festive.

As the tree was set up and the bells and baubles were unpacked, I listened as she would exclaim "I remember this Nana!"  Certain things would bring memories gushing back to her and she would hold aloft the bauble, wave it around and laugh as she hung it on the tree. Suddenly, and for the first time in years, I recovered a bit of the holiday spirit.

It wasn't about all the shopping nor about all the cooking but about a little girl's delight in seeing these things she recognized from her past here with me. She has such a short past and half of it she is to young to remember at her age of 6 yrs.  I needed this little person to remind me of the importance of tradition. Of the sameness and the comfort of that sameness she was enjoying and I found I was enjoying the decorating too.

We decorated the mantle and the sofa table with greenery and lights and before she found Ma and Pa Santa, she was enquiring as to their whereabouts. Eventually a plastic tote was opened to expose them and as usual, she giggled as she grabbed them to examine. I'll share a picture later today though I know I've posted it before on one of my other December posts.

I'm heading back out to the Little House in a few minutes to look for more Christmas stuff. I'm suddenly in the mood to light up the room with memories of Christmas past and this I attribute to the joy of a little girl's squeals and laughter that gave back to me one of the reasons for the season. Tradition. It's a good thing.

Now for the eggnog and rum.....

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  1. It really is all about the children isn't it? Their delight in the exciting anticipation of Christmas is just priceless.


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