Sunday, March 5, 2017

4 Years Ago


I have no idea why I decided to go from my dark brunette hair to having it heavily highlighted. I think it might have had something to do with the grey hair creeping in around my face. Figuring if I had it blond, it wouldn't be such a striking contrast when it came time to color my hair. 

 If I walked by a mirror and happened to notice my reflection, I would be uncomfortable. For the people that had never known me with dark hair, they thought I looked perfectly normal as a blond; for family and friends...most (especially family) hated it. A year passed and I finally got tired of thinking about it so I changed it back but not before I had my driver's license renewed. For the past 4 years I have carried a driver's license that sported a picture of that blond head. Since then I've put it back to its original color then finally got it cut short and  let it all grow out to a silver mix. Again I was undecided on this color. I finally decided that if I had to question it, it must be time to break out the Lady Clairol and get back to what I was born with.
Today I renewed my driver's license. The lightening has changed at ye ole Dept. of Transportation. I have a license picture that doesn't look as though I should be wearing prison stripes and be holding a card with digits on it.
Today has been a fruitful day.
Fat Tuesday  is just around the corner. Nanny Belinda (Carrie's aunt) throws a big party in Grand Mary (little village) where everyone goes to catch beads from the local parade then they gather at Belinda's to eat the huge pot of chili, drink some cold beers and eat some King Cake. The Cajun music will flow and soon the couples will be dancing into the night beneath the canopy. Eventually everyone ends up at the local pub where everyone knows each other and the party continues. It's some serious partying as the Tuesday gets closer and closer which means the partying here will have to be put on hold for a while. Lassiere Le Bon Temps Roule...(There could be a misspelled word in there somewhere) .. but translated "Let the Good Times Roll".
It's hard to believe that a blizzard is attacking the East Coast. My Aunt in R.I. is now in the middle of it and anticipating the loss of electricity. It has been named Nemo; when did storms start getting named anyway? 

I spoke with her for a while; she is nervous and frightened as her son is out working in it and has been for over 20 hrs. He is not expected home tonight either. Keeping the snow at bay, his crew is working at a mall to keep the sidewalks cleared..not that anyone will be shopping there tomorrow but if they let those sidewalks collect two feet of snow, it will be more difficult to remove then if they do it as it falls.


I'm going to start a room by room clean up around here. House guests are on their way next month which will inspire me to do some pitching and tidying up the guest rooms.

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