Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Cuppa

This cup of coffee is my first of the day and usually the best one of the day. My brain is in it's fog of sleep when I sit down with this cup. I'm not willing to engage in any conversation. Sitting quietly in the darkened living room alone and with the television tuned to CNN is all the stimulation I can handle. I sip from my cup and peek over the rim, eyes foggy from the Ambien of last night. I sip slowly waiting for the caffeine to slog along to my brain. Once stimulated, I'll be ready to stand up again and make my way to the kitchen for a refill. I remain as quiet and unobstrussive as possible to prevent waking anyone else in this house. This is my quiet time.

Today is Sunday. Wanda, the sister in law will only be here today. Tomorrow we will travel to New Orleans for one last day of site seeing before she boards her plane on Tuesday afternoon. She has been here two weeks and we have toured the area, ate the local food and generally been the typical tourists. From the shrimp boats in the bay to the alligators in the swamps we have criss crossed back and forth across the southwest portion of this state. With camera in hand, I've tried to capture much of her trip digitally which will be burned onto a CD and gifted to her before she goes home.

I'm going to miss having someone to explore with and hopefully she will miss being here a little.

It's time to make that second trip to the coffee pot. It must be time to end this little

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