Sunday, March 4, 2012

About Nothing

Greetings from the chilly south. Someone turned the sun off again. It's shorts one day and jeans the next. The A/C has already been cranked on and we are only into the first week of March. Today I held myself back from turning on the heat.

My day was spent indoors; my eyes are square from watching too much television between the times when I wasn't sprawled on the sofa beneath a blanket napping. I should have been up doing some housework. I'll start tomorrow. I'm getting very good at procrastinating. A disorderly house was a source of anxiety for me. I do believe learning to be a slob might be a goal I'm aspiring to now.

I'm ready to get in the recline position and continue doing what I've done all day. Nothing.

I don't think anyone notices. No one has stopped by to see my laziness. If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there...............
Ok, so maybe that doesn't apply to unobserved laziness?

Since I've practiced it all this day, I think I'll continue to apply it to the remainder of this day. G'night.

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