Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sleep and Sleep and Better

I watched as she rolled to the side of the bed and while lying on her stomach she dropped her feet toward the floor and slid down off the mattress. She padded toward the bathroom, eyes mere slits. From the bathroom came the sounds of retching, stomach contents days past emptied of any food. Diarrhea soon follows the vomiting episode and in a few minutes she heads back to the bed. She slips back into a restless sleep only to awaken two hours later to repeat the entire "sick regime". Poor Carrie. A full week of this stomach virus where the only thing she consumes is liquids. She shakes her head violently when food is mentioned and we don't force her. Sometimes the body knows what it needs and doesn't need. It's the liquids that are important right now.

The following week finds me doing the sleep/bathroom/sleep routine. It has been four days now since my stomach has had anything other then Seven Up. The pounds I've dropped is a plus. Right now I can't think of anything else positive to say about this stomach virus.

Eventually Carrie was able to take some food but her portions have grown much smaller. This is not a bad thing either. 

Right now a pancake sounds like a nice light something. I'll be in the kitchen.

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