Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And the World was Shocked?

Saturday bought the news of another music icon's demise. The reports ripping forth from the television announce the shock it was to the world.

I've taken a few polls on this and asked those I talked to if they were shocked. Denial, denial, denial. Watching her behavior in the past 10 years, the outcome wasn't shocking but expected. Every one's thoughts turned to drugs and alcohol at the news of her death. It felt much like the news of Michael Jackson's death. Everyone knew it was coming it was just a matter of "when" it would happen. Would we be shocked had it been Lindsay Lohan? or a handful of other celebrities that have bizarre behavior?

The coroner, I believe, states that the drugs she had in her room were no more then what any normal person has in their home. The problem with this is, all the drugs mentioned were to address the same problem; anxiety. A doctor wouldn't prescribe multiple anti anxiety drugs to one patient. Multiple doctors were apparently prescribing to this one person. Point number 2: Prescribing controlled substances to a known drug addict is not a wise medical decision. Just as what one drink is to an alcoholic, so is one pill to an addict. Speaking to the drinking problem Ms. Whitney had, she was seen out drinking and partying days before her demise. Another activity that can't be done on an occasional basis for a known alcoholic. All together, both the drugs and alcohol should be avoided. Her entourage must have known this just as MJ's crowd knew his behavior was self destructive. You can't protect a person from him/her self. Blaming Bobby Brown for her addictions doesn't wash. Her close friend Jennifer * states "She was doing drugs long before she met Bobby Brown." 
Stories are now emerging about the daughter and her drinking and drug habits. Let's hope she gets this wake up call and takes a different path then her parents.

It seems to be a trend lately with all these overdoses of celebrities to down play the drugs in relation to cause of death. It appears as an attempt to salvage some part of the persons' reputation by tauting the drugs as "prescribed". The biggest drug abuse today is of "prescribed" drugs.

The slew of celebrities that we worship, we know very little about except for the persona that present for our viewing. I'm always amazed by the star struck that profess their love for these celebrities. I'm a hoarder of my love. I reserve it for those I have a personal relationship with and  recognize that the person of silver screen fame is someone that I can admire for their acting ability while knowing at the same time, I do not "know" this person on a personal level and to worship someone is not in my makeup.

I'm on my way to the store. It has warmed up enough for sandals and capri's which signals my return to the great outdoors.

Happy Valentine's day (another reason for Hallmark to celebrate) and I'm outta here to find some chocolate.


  1. I'm with you on this one. It's sad, but seems it was inevitable.


    p.s. Sandals? Capris?! In February?!!@ Why I oughta... :-)

  2. lol...Pearl..sorry about the "sandals and capri's" statement. I by no means meant to rub it in on anyone living in the frozen north!

  3. At last! A blog post that tells it as it is. I am sick of reading all the comments when someone famous dies, usually because they have abused drugs for years, and how they feel they need to put this person up on a pedestal. It almost feels like they are gloriying drug abuse.

    No-one can be responsible for making someone take drugs. It's individual responsibility, pure and simple.

    Sorry if I sound heartless. I just wish that instead of idolising these tragic deaths, that people would wake up and learn from it.


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