Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Saturday Morning

It's a bit nippy here but there is no complaints from me. So what if I have to don a pair of jeans and a sweater? I'm not sweating and groaning in the heat of our summers here. I haven't been able to convince the husband to buy a fifth wheel trailer to tow to Colorado for the summer months but that doesn't mean I don't still slip it into the conversation as often as possible.

We traipsed off to the casino for a few hours yesterday where I watched the slot machines eat my twenty dollars up in one dollar increments. I'm not a big fan of playing the slots and only do it to kill some time while the husband is at the blackjack tables. The players at the tables that have plunked down a certain amount of money during their time there gets awarded a Mardi Gras necklace. I covet these as they are ceramic doll faces dressed in Mardi Gras splendour strung with beads and are never thrown from the parade floats. At seven dollars per necklace, the casinos are one of the few places that share them with the customers. The husband sat at the tables with the bag holding this necklace at his left elbow while beside his right hand sat a Margarita. I debated on which treasure I wanted to latch onto and decided to go for the beads then the Margarita.

Usually we finish up the evening by having dinner at the casino. The food used to be some of the best around and the prices were meager. Not so these days. Quality and prices have headed in opposing directions so we returned to Lafayette where we had a mediocre meal at a Mexican restaurant. The visit to this place where I usually enjoy going was a disappointment. The fajita meat was over salted and I don't tolerate salt well. I remembered why I prefer not eating out.

The husband spoils me with his excellent culinary skills and eating out is usually an affair I could do without unless it's to pick up a burger or a po'boy. A steak? I prefer the ones grilled right out back on the patio. The husband can grill a mean ribeye with some wonderful spices and a seared crust surrounding a center area of pink juicy goodness.

I'm on my way to the freezer to move a couple of steaks to the kitchen counter to thaw. Some cheesy potatoes, green salad and a ribeye grilled the way I like em, I'm looking forward to tonight's meal.

Carrie spent the night and is now up and bedeviling her Poppy. I can hear them in the bedroom laughing and teasing each other. Her father will arrive soon to collect her for her visit with him this weekend. It's time to gather up her clothes and get her ready to go....and to take those steaks out.

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