Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Maybe my paranoia was just that (see yesterday's post)
I've monitored the hits on this blog and yesterday's post was read by people around the globe so maybe my nervousness was unwarranted.

In addition to that, an online friend says the posts on scammers was being read because they were entertaining and humorous. I may have to go back and take them out of draft mode and republish them. I dislike censoring and censoring my own stuff even less. Usually when I post, if it's something critical, I will leave out names and just describe the action, surroundings and, of course, my opinion. Should you recognize yourself and become incensed, stop a moment and realize, only YOU recognize yourself and if others recognize you and contact you with the information, you might want to check yourself and the person reporting. How did they recognize YOU?
Hopefully, these blogs are more beneficial then destructive; more constructive and less judgmentals. Observations with a lot of descriptions.

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