Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm Just Nervous

A few months ago, more like a year ago, I posted a series of messages on here about scammers on Craigslist. The scammers have an automobile for sale and the excuses given for selling these autos run the gamut from the person being transferred via the military assignment to a car being owned by a person who expired in another vehicle and her family is selling her own car. The stories go on and on. The English used to post these is just a bit off in their sentence structure; you can notice by this they are not from this country and English is not their first language.

I started a post by contacting one and by playing with them. I dragged these correspondences out for post after post until the "seller' gave up, either because it was too much effort on their part or they realized they were being played with.

Lately those posts have been getting hits. A lot of hits. Too many hits too leave me comfortable with leaving those posts up. Today I decided to revert them to "draft" form so they wouldn't show up on my blog any longer. If someone finds this and was one of the frequent readers of those blogs and can give me a reason for all the attention they were getting, I might consider reposting all five of them.
I can't imagine any nefarious use of them but it makes me a bit leary when those posts were getting so many hits and from visitors from all over the world. I'm sure it wasn't because of my brilliant writing skills.

As of today, they will no longer be available for viewing unless someone (the visitors) explain their popularity.

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