Monday, October 6, 2008

Seven and Politics

All seven of us at the last family

reunion. I changed the background on this picture from the "bathroom wall" background that was original to this shot. I'm quite pleased with the looks of this background.

I'm counting the days till the election is complete and watching the news channels with regards to the "bailout" "rescue" or whatever the spinmeisters choose to call it to make it more palatable to the Americans.

One of my favorites TV shows right now is Rachel Maddow. I'm a liberal and Rachel is definitely a liberal but having said that, I do watch most of the other news channels and that includes "feux news"(Fox) just to know what ignorant information that are spinning for the government.

Ah..very interesting times we are in right now. I really didn't think this current administration could cause much more harm then what they have managed over the last 8 years but it seems they will go out with more credits to their administration. I only hope to live long enough to see how the history books will portray the Bush Administration.

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