Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5th...Rainy and Cold

August 13 of this year, a major rain storm struck the Gulf Coast. During the night and early morning the rain pummeled the Bayou State. Lafayette and the surrounding area, along with Baton Rouge and the surrounding towns went 'under water". Some houses were just that, totally underwater. Other homes had three feet of water. Enough water got into these homes to warrant a total stripping of floors, cabinets and walls. Black mold spores were creeping up the walls within days of the flood. The houses, even with a mear three inches of water were uninhabitable.

Most people didn't realize the water was in their homes until their feet hit the floor in the early morning hours and cold, foul water lapped around their ankles.

Clothing, rugs, furniture, flooring, walls and doors littered the sides of the streets. Beautiful stainless steel appliances, stove, fridge and washer and dryers were grouped in front of the houses. Beautiful armoirs, and wooden bedrooms, dressers and night stands decorated the fronts of lawns. I felt huge sadness as I drove through subdivision after subdivision and noted the carnage.

December 4th, yesterday, and another rain started. The coolies need cleaned out of debris from that last flood and now they are filling up and overflowing once again. The victims of the last flood watch and worry that their newly cleaned houses will face yet more water.

My daughter lost two cars in that August flooding The car she drives now is the one I was driving. Finding her a used car that we could trust was not an option. She took my car and I bought a later model low mileage one of the same make and model. Last night she called and she bought that car back to my driveway to spend the night. I give her a lift home with a promise to return the next day with it. We are taking no chances on losing another  car to the high waters.

The rain continues to fall. It's not a large downpour but it's steady and relentless.  Hopefully the coolies will have time to drain.

Those that flooded in August are spending sleepless nights watching and waiting. I don't know if I could continue to live in my house had it flooded. Every big rain  storm afterwards would have  me spending sleepless nights waiting and watching.

The temperatures along with the rain are also steadily falling. I'm wrapped up in a blanket watching a movie on Netflix. It's just one of those days where a movie and a blanket is the best option I have. Add to that a cup of hot chocolate and I'm a happy homebound, warm and dry woman!

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