Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Brrr Baby! It's Cold Outside and Dr. Molly

And it's a bit chilly inside too! I can't complain because, you see, I complain about the hot summers here so if I mention how cold it is, I have to listen to the husband remind me of the anticipation I embrace when our winter arrives.

I don't mind the cold in the least little bit but the wind we have had with this cold front slices right through the jeans and sweaters I wear when outdoors. Though it's in the 30's now I still shun a winter coat. I dislike being 'bundled up'.

Molly. The name is very fitting. Molly barely looks old enough to have graduated high school. She stands about 5'5". A trim young woman, wears a dress, a pair of black flats and a long white bright lab jacket. A black stethoscope circles her neck Long light caramel colored hair hangs in soft curls past her shoulders. Huge, bright brown eyes, thickly lashed, brows naturally arched, her face is that classic example of symmetry that causes cameras to deliver beautiful renditions to print. Molly is my oncologist. My previous oncologist moved to a little town close by and I had to make a choice of following her or of selecting a new one at the same clinic I visit. Molly is the niece of my previous doctor. I like Molly. Molly also sings like a nightingale or so I'm told. Molly has never sang for me during an exam but she is a member of a band of local doctors here in town. Word is, she has a beautiful voice and I hope one day to hear her sing.

I just did my six month CT scan and the results came in last week so I visited with Dr. Molly. I hesitate to use her last name for privacy reasons so hereafter she will be referred to as "Dr. Molly".

The CT scan to detect cancer return was negative  and as I expelled a held breath of anticipation of bad news barely seconds later  in her soft voice, my oncologist then mentioned a "node" on my thyroid!
Of course I asked about the chance of it being a metz from the breast or colon and she said that would be very very unusual. I now have a Ultrasound scheduled for December 29th. Oh the fun never stops. It's been a whole 4 months since a surgeon has cut on me so I suppose I'm due (said sarcastically).

I'm not fretting over this. I'll face whatever comes without any other choice but getting through the next step. I'm not saying I won't be going through the same steps of grieving should it be news of surgery but I refuse to start  before that Ultrasound on the 29th of December.

Today is the last day of school before the Christmas break. Carrie's Christmas pageant was yesterday and her family made it there to watch it. Carrie was in the choir, dressed in an elf's hat, a green jagged felt collar around her neck, over a red shirt that everyone was required to wear. A kakhi pair of shorts  completed her ensemble. Large  red spots painted on her cheeks, she stood on the back row and sang and pantomimed the routine they have been working on for the past week.

She spent the night at her home. No math homework, no ELA, no science. Hurray! I'm on break too.

I like spending time with Carrie but occasionally it's very nice to know I can laze around and not have anyone placing requests for food or drink.
I still have a little shopping to do but it's only for one person. I'll slip back into a pair of jeans and a comfy sweatshirt and I'll put a pep in my step as I move out of the car to the stores. I find the weather "bracing". My husband thinks it sucks but he was born and raised in the desert Southwest. He revels in the heat.
I'm done. Finito. Cio...

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