Thursday, September 4, 2014

Up and Out

My Ambien kept me asleep until 0500 hrs. I so envy those folks that manage to sleep "in" when time allows. I have the time but not the inclination apparently.

Watching the clock and sipping on a cup of coffee, I waited for a decent hour, which to me is 0800 hrs. and I made my way to the shed to fire up the lawn tractor. The weather here is stifling. Hair frizzing humidity, hot bright sunshine and an afternoon shower to keep that humidity level off the charts, mowing the lawn early is a necessity.

I've had enough of summer. I'm longing for a pair of socks and a long sleeve shirt even if I have to trade in my sandals for a while. By the time the month of August limps in, I'm saturated with the heat, the humidity and the necessity of anything that has to be done out of this air conditioned house.

Having said that, it's time for a shower and getting dressed to shop for material to do a patio floor. I'm not sure exactly what I want but we are going out to get some ideas today.

It's shower time..and I'm done here.

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