Monday, September 1, 2014

September Already?

Where has the time gone? The last month I remember was August. Who can forget August while living it out in the hot humid south?

Summer is usually not my favorite time of year here in the hot and sticky, mosquito laden state of Louisiana. This year? We have had rain and lots of it. The rain is not the cooling factor as much as the dark skies that block the sun from scorching us a bright pink.
I reached a milestone. I've finished up the IV chemo protocol. A PET scan was done three weeks later and three days after that, my doctor gave me the report. No hot spots....although there is a little area of concern on one of my ribs on the right side. It has been read as a fracture; a healing fracture. CT scan to follow up in the near future. I continue on the oral chemo pills for another week and I've already started the maintenance drugs that I will be on for the next 10 years. Previously, studies indicated 5 years of maintenance drugs but that has been now extended to 10 years. Will I be around in 5 years to enter into this extension? I have no idea and I try not to attach too much attention to that thought.

I have hair once again and though it's not the texture nor color of the original equipment, it will do. I have packed away the wigs for use at a later date, should they be needed again. Another thought I try to put away until it needs to be addressed.

Yah! It's September here and though we still have many more hot days, I always feel like a survivor when I can see August in my past! I see some bike riding days in my future. I have a bright shiny new Trek in my storage building. It's only been ridden three times. I'm ready to do some fall riding!

It's time to refill my coffee cup. My update is done.

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