Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lovely Eleven

Eleven days ago, car trunk overloaded, the back seat  embraced two sprawling  grandchildren guarding a snack bag, a pillow and a soft blanket. We are ready to roll. The daughter claims the passenger seat, better known as the navigator position.

This trip began as soon as Carrie finished "Fun Day" at her elementary school. Leaving Lafayette at noon, we drove until 9PM. Auburn, Alabama found us rolling into town and finding a motel room. A long day and evening in that car, we all collapsed into bed; the next day would come soon enough for the remainder of this trip.

My trusty auto made the trip there and back without a problem. The family was delivered to Matthews, N.C. suburb of Charlotte and another 133 miles to the east got me to my sister's house where I spent the next 7 days. 

I visited with my sister and assisted her in her care of husband. Many conversations with the medical professionals that were involved in his care, a plan was laid and carried out to make this time easier on him and my sister. I hated to leave but knew that I had to get back for the chemo scheduled for the following week. 

My group rejoined me on Thursday. Sis was told to relax while dinner was prepared by April and cleanup by Ted and me. We didn't want to add any more stress to the situation and assured my sister we could take care of everything. April whipped up some fabulous ribs, mac and cheese and baked beans. We headed out early the next morning. Our trip took us to Myrtle Beach where we registered at a crummy expensive hotel room on the beach. I had promised Ted a stop at Bojangles and Steak and Shake. He got what was promised and I felt it only fair that Carrie got her wish granted too so to the beach we went. I got to spend a few hours with my friend that lives there; much to short but we were pressed for time.

We left Myrtle Beach at 0430 on Friday morning. 14 hrs. later and 230 miles from home, we checked into a lovely Holiday Inn Express. The room was the same price as the one in Myrtle Beach but the difference in accommodations was  miles apart. Staying in a beach town for one night on the "happening end" of the beach will get you a room where the college kids hang out to party. Those rooms do not cater to middle class un-inebriated family types. Nobody wanted to take a shower in that bathroom. An attack with a bleach bottle might have improved the tiles in there.

We survived. The beds were comfortable and clean and the beach was close. I've talked to my sister in law and she has recommended a few places for an overnight stay should we venture that way again.

Today was my chemo day and the last hemorrhoid banded. Ok, having both things done on the same day wasn't my idea but it was the best scheduling available unless I wanted to delay one or the other and I wanted to get both done. I'm good for another 3 weeks when I will again do chemo run number 3 leaving 3 more to do.

This post has been days in the making. I'm not really into doing this but I'm gritting my teeth and making note of the past few days..and I'm done!

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  1. a side note here: as we left Mississippi, SEVERE storm warnings were in place. We made it out of that area just in time. The storm that swept the panhandle caused much damage by flooding.


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