Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Hot Day in Lousiana, or It's Summer, what did you expect?

Here I sit or more accurately, I'm lying in bed, the television tuned in to a show about murder and mayhem. I'm a bit addicted to murder mysteries, a interest I used to satisfy by reading. It seems now that television has discovered the opportunity to glean a bunch of money by broadcasting murder mysteries. Normally, I steer clear of reality shows and I suppose these shows can be considered reality shows.

I was talking to a friend just the other day about my aversion to reality shows. She was currently enthused about the reality show where the boss goes undercover to observe how his businesses are being run. Somewhere in our conversation, she says "Can't they (the employees) see the cameras following this boss around?"  Well duh damnit. My point exactly! As in the show with the drug addicts where the family gets together for an intervention, how much of a surprise could it be to the addict with a camera and lights and crew following him around? I've never understood how the viewer of these shows never questions the actual reality of the reality of these shows. Ah, we apparently want to believe.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike the new blogger format? Yes, I believe it was in my last post so I shall try to limit my complaining to once a month on this.

The thunder is rumbling just outside my window. Occasionally I can hear the loud splatter of rain. In a few weeks I shall have new double pane windows in the three bedrooms here. I won't be able to hear the rain which I shall miss.

During our home renovations most of the windows got replaced in this house. The single pane energy wasters were pitched to the curb and the new windows that replaced them are awesome. I didn't replace the bedroom windows as they are surrounded by the brick part of the house. It's time. Along with those three window replacements, it's time to put a new roof on the house. This year will be an expensive year here. Is owning a house really worth it? I just paid the house insurance premium for the year and that was a healthy bite from the checking account.

This post appears to have taken on a direction all it's own. I never know where a post will take me. I just follow along on it's journey.

My day here was very quiet. A little house cleaning and a lot of watering of the flowers around the house. Had I known this rain was on it's way, I could have saved myself some time and some water and waited on this storm.

I'm off to watch more television and enjoy the thunderstorm rumbling around this house. 


  1. don't forget to turn the water off outside!! ha ha

  2. Eww...Mary (Kathy)...I need to set an alarm so I don't let it run all day long!


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