Thursday, June 11, 2015

TMI (too much information)

I'm a news junkie. The daughter is not. She knows my habits and when she is stymied by a conversation regarding current events and her friends are in a discussion on this, she will make a phone call to me to find out what she has been missing. She doesn't want TMI, but just a brief outline with the high points that will bring her current on an ongoing event that has been ongoing for months and months. She wants to get back to her Netflix and Red Box movies ASAP.

She might have the right outlook on this. I may have to scale back on all the news stations I channel surf looking for clues as to what the real story is. It's amazing to listen to different channels and after doing this for many  years, one can pick up the subtle innuendos  that causes the viewer to develop an intended slant on what is being reported. It's all about conditioning and propaganda.

I can now determine what news station my friends listen to by their contributions to conversations. In my daughter's case, being uninformed leaves her with much peace and contentment.

TMI. Definetly can be a bad thing.

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