Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Gloomy Saturday

Carrie is off to spend the weekend with her dad. Plans were made to go fishing today. She texted me last night telling me she had to go to bed early as she would be getting up at 0600 hrs. to head to the "point" to fish.

I got a text from her at 0700. She said "back'. "Why?" I asked. "Rain" she texted and as I sit here on my sofa, laptop spewing these words onto my blog, I note the skies have darkened and the rain is approaching. A few more minutes and the sound of rain beating down on concrete rings clearly into the house.

Rain, rain and more rain. It's predicted to rain throughout this weekend. Thankfully it dampens down the heat and perks up the flowers but also causes the grass to require mowing every three days!

I can now hear thunder rolling the clouds but it's very distant and a nice backdrop to the pelting rain. The huge branch on the maple tree that I can see through the floor to ceiling window in the front of the house is dipping down with the onslaught of the wind and then whips back to it's original height as the gust of wind passes on by.

I enjoy a good storm as long as it is not destructive.

The sound of thunder is now louder and closer. I don't know if that means the storm is directly overhead and moving along but while the noise erupts the rain has slacked off.

Painting has again been cancelled. I did get the front door painted between the bouts of rain last week. I started early in the morning and for two days, dry mornings allowed me to finish that project.

It might be time for a nap or for me to get up and get moving before I fall asleep.
I'm done!

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