Friday, April 3, 2015

Hello! I've Been Gone for A While

Remember that room we were remodeling? Well, it's finally done. It was partially done for a few days now but there has been little touch ups that needed to be finished but I can say now without hesitation..'its' done"!
It's done and I'm exhausted. The construction mess on the patio had to be delt with and that is where I have been for the past two days. In order to clean up the patio, the little house storage area had to be cleaned. The husband had unloaded the office stuff willy nilly into the storage house. When I opened the door to take a look, I kept my gasps as quiet as possible. I'll deal with this later and "later" came today. The husband informed me it would take a week to clear it up. I work fast.
Gathering all the plastic tubs, I lined them up on the kitchen counter and labeled them. Electrical, Plumbing and another for paint and sanding. As I sorted, each container received it's share. I hauled those back to the storage house and arranged them on a shelf. Some things went directly into the big garbage container I had parked outside the door. Before long it was tidy and it was time to go next door to the part of the storage house that held all the tools.
Sawdust was inches thick on the work bench and the floor was littered with everything from tool boxes, opened and disorganized to the husbands work boots and hard hat. There was no room to walk. My first goal was making a path through this mess. The miter saws got picked up and placed on the work bench that had been cleared of the sawdust by using the leaf blower and me holding my breath while dust filled the air.
The tool boxes were heavy so they got slid across the floor to line the walls. Wood and drills and circular saws were joining the bigger tools on the work bench.

By this time I was staggering around in exhaustion. It was time to go in the house, get in some pajamas and take a long break. I couldn't go anymore even though more work needs to be done on that part of the storage house, tomorrow is another day.

Before heading into the house, I passed through the side gate into the front lawn where the husband was busy cleaning flower beds and planting flowers. I have been so busy in that office that I haven't taken the time to walk outside and admire the bright red flowers and the pink azaleas that have been blooming.
I'm looking forward to having a more restful weekend and to the following week. I have much to do but nothing that needs a 'rush' to do.
I'm tired. I'm exhausted. This has been a workout but one that I'm sure hasn't hurt me except for the hamstrings that are sore from climbing a ladder for a week.
I didn't need a gym pass to get exercise. I need to do more of this to built stamina and strength.

I'm done and I'm ready for some couch time!

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