Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tape, Mud and Sand

I see daylight. From my seat on the sofa facing the windows to the front yard, I see the very beginnings of a daybreak on a Wednesday morning. I've been up since 0400 hrs. It just happens that way sometimes and today was one of those "get up early or lie in bed with thoughts racing through my brain on my chores to do today".
First stop was the kitchen to perk a pot of coffee and then to the laundry room to start the washing machine after unloading the wet clothes left there overnight to wash. Into the dryer they went and back to the washer to start another load. Housework done and it's time to head into the office and start sanding.

We are remodeling a room. The office looked tired and old. The ugly paneled walls that had been painted over many times were coming down. The room was never a quality finished room. I think it was an after thought on being a room that would be used as a liveable space. Originally it should have been a utility room entered from the carport via a door and used to store yard equipment or paints or brooms, etc. The builder flipped it around and put the entrance in the back off of the patio and finished it with some of the cheapest material possible. The best part is the 1/2 bath attached to that space. A toilet and sink grace it's own little space which makes it the handiest room when little guests are playing in the back yard and have to have a potty break. I can close off the rest of the rooms into the house and leave one door open when having an outdoor party. The little 1/2 bath is used by the visitors, both large and little.

For years we have talked about refinishing that room. In the past we had put up chair rail and wainscoting and new door casing and a fiberglass exterior door with floor to ceiling glass to let some light into a room without windows.

Last week the husband began demolition. As usual I thought this would be an easy job only to find out the ugly paneling had been installed before the ceiling so the paneling had to be wiggled out and down to get each piece out. Wainscoting and door trims had to be removed. Two days later we were on our way to buy sheetrock.
1/2 inch sheetrock is not a light haul. We wrestled sheetrock for two days. As it went up, I took note of all the cuts and seams in it. This was a big concern to me as I would be the one taping and mudding and sanding each seam to get a flawless finish before painting could be done.

There is no big rush, I remind myself. We are not on a schedule. The husband doesn't have to worry about being called out on a job. The oilfields have crashed which is why  we determined this would be the perfect time to get some projects done around here.

Three days after finishing the sheetrock installation, covered in white dust, I'm almost finished with the final sanding of all the walls. I see some light at the end of this tunnel. It will be a huge relief to finally have this room redone. It's past due.

My break is over and it's time to get back to sanding. I should be done before the husband makes it out of bed this morning and by that time I should be ready for a nap!

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