Thursday, February 5, 2015

San Diego 2015

The road trip from Casa Grande to San Diego displayed desert scenery for the first part of the trip and  large green fields of crops for the remainder. Row after row for as far as the eye could see, crops irrigated and grown out of desert landscape proves what a lot of water willl do for an area.

We encountered one slow down on the interstate when an auto was on fire. We waited while the fire truck and police arrived. The flames were out, the paint had melted off it and the tires were gone. Someone isn't having a good  day.

By 1500 hrs. we were checking into our room in Mission Bay. Driving in this area has it's good points; roads are wide and well kept, downside; lots of traffic and the roads are not east/west or north/south. Tricky intersections make it a drive around town that will keep you on your toes. Cars parked beside the road leave  inches of clearance keeping in your lane while squeezed from the lane beside you by huge tour buses and the local MTA buses.

The architectural views are stunning. Most of the homes and buildings are a soft white which works well for thel light in this area. Spanish tile decorates the roof tops and the homes are tiered on the hill sides allowing everyone a view down the streets to the bay. Have I menitoned the streets? Oh, not the conditon of them but the steepness of them. At times the nose of the truck was pointed skyward, the other side of the road not viewed as it dropped away so steeply, one never got to see it until the nose of the truck reached the summit and propelled itself down the other side.

The airport is in the middle of the downtown and watching commercial jets skim the tops of the office building was another treat. Driving to the center of town, a loud roar filled my ears. I looked up to see the rivets holding the metal sheeting together on the underbelly of a big jet plane. Oh my! I'm viewing a plane crash, I thought. A few seconds more and we were driving past the big fence that seperates the street traffic from the airport runway! A plane had just landed.

Our trip so far has taken us to Pacific Coast Beach. It's February and the first days of that month. Seeing folks strutting the beach shirtless while the young women lay out on blankets catching the sun and surfers paddling out to catch a wave is such an uncommon sight for us. Though we live in Louisiana and the winters are usually mild, they aren't this mild!

Walking through the sand, we reached the pier and walked along watching the people on their surfboards and wet suits diving through the waves and paddling out to find a good wave to ride back on. A couple standing on the pier had caught a huge lobster while the young man standing beside us was trying to catch a fish. He had helped the couple with their lobster but had warned us that keeping a lobster caught there entailed a five hundred dollar fine. We were just there to watch. Apparently he was a local.

Yesterday found us at Balboa Park. It's huge and a must see for tourists and locals alike. Many museums, art galleries and manicured gardens with miles of walking so wear a good pair of shoes.  Lunch was at a little roadside "walk up to order at the window place" on University Street called Carnitas Snack Shack. Order your lunch, take a ticket and go to the open air seating in the back and a waitor/waitress will bring your food to you. The sandwiches were great and much to much to eat at one meal. We got to go boxes and had the remainders for dinner last night.

It's time to go back to the room with coffee for the husband, get a shower and wander around again today! I'm gone.

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