Saturday, January 24, 2015

Casa Grande on a Saturday

Saturday morning and I''m in the business room of the hotel using their desktop computers to update my blog. I am traveling with my iPad and cell for internet connection and connecting with the iPad is a slow process here. Using the facilities computers makes this project much quicker.

Yesterday we drove around town noting all the new growth in industry here. The roads are phenomonal after the pot hole infested roads in Lafayette. Unaltered blacktop provides a smooth ride around town and it appears the whole town just got a fresh coat of that stuff. The city coffers must be healthy. Strange what one notices while
traveling. Temperatures were in the 50's with a brisk wind and I was cold. Today the temperatures are expected to be in the low 70's. It's warming up a bit here as that artic blast creeps eastward.

I'm the early riser in this relationship and thankfully this hotel has it's own restaurant. Not just a coffee shop but a restaurant where breakfast can be ordered along with a buffet. I can hide out here and sip coffee until the husband wakes.

 Yesterday lunch found us at Little Sombreo's across from what was once the huge white grand High School which is now City Hall. Little Sombreo's was a favorite hangout for those students attending the High School and one of those places we have lunch every time we come here. (Casa Grande).
A huge cheese crisp with green chili's and a taco and a cherry Coke; lunch was a treat.

The Falconers of Arizona are holding their convention  this weekend. A roped off area of the grounds have falcons and their owners gathered; a beautiful white owl sits on his perch, his speckled white coat, furry feet and golden eyes  stare back as he swivels his head in semi circles allowing one to get close for a good view. Birds make me nervous. I don't like to get too close but viewing from a distance is interesting. I've heard white owls are sacred to the Native Americans. I'll need to Google for more information on this.

The parking lot is dominated by huge rigs from CBS sports; the photographers wander the hotel with huge cameras. The football pro bowl is this weekend in Phoenix; next week the football Super Bowl so it's a busy place around here. Casa Grande is a bedroom community, meer minutes from Phoenix  and all the motels have been reserved for these games.

Friends were seen, beer was consumed and dinner out with a portion of the family last night and plans in progress for this evening. We are usually busy when we get here. The husbands family is huge and he likes to allow time to see everyone of them.

I'm off to have some breakfast and wait for a phone call from the husband alerting me that he is up and ready to start his day. Mine started hours ago!

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