Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 24th Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving

My view through the sheers covering the front windows is on the house across the street. Sunlight hasn't yet reached that rooftop to melt the white glaze of frost.

The big maple tree to the left  barely in my view has overnight changed from bright green leafs to a garnet colored cluster of beauty. The ground is covered with those leafs that have now given up their status as tree leafs and  have become ground cover. Such a drop in status for a leaf I'm sure!

I had to wrap up in my fuzzy robe this morning. A cup of hot coffee and a humming furnace add to my comfort, both of which I'm thankful for after all, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I don't require big things to remind me to be grateful.

I haven't heard from Ms. M. ("my homeless until recently" friend). Apparently she had lost my number. I stopped by to check on her yesterday and then quickly drove to the market. I don't know what she usually does for Thanksgiving but I bought traditional meal foods, Turkey, dressing, yams, fixings for green bean casserole (can't imagine a holiday without GBC) and some hot rolls and a pumpkin pie. She wasn't home when I returned. I lugged all the stuff from the trunk of my car to the long narrow table that occupies a portion of her deck.

Soon I received a phone call from her. She had returned home to find the groceries and was so thankful. Usually her little family visits a place here that provides a free Thanksgiving meal to the less fortunate. This year her car is out of commission. A trip to this place was looking dicey. She loved going to this place saying "They don't make you feel like a loser. The atmosphere is very pleasing and respectful of all that enter." (I want to find out more about this place at a later date). 

She will now be able to have a turkey in the oven and left overs to sustain her family for a few days.

Both of her sons have been working. Hired to help put up Christmas lights, they have an income which now allows Ms. M to put her car in the shop and get it fixed. Progress, as slow as it seems, doesn't deter or depress her. She has more patience then I and I have much respect for her strength.

The husband remains at home and may just get to be here for turkey day. He gets daily reports on the rigs progress and remains "on alert" for this west Texas job.

My long breakfast bar is laden with the supplies for my Thanksgiving meal. I readied it all up yesterday so I could plunge into meal preparation this morning. As the husband and I were talking, he mentioned the day of the week. I was astounded.
"Today is Tuesday?" I asked.
I thought he was teasing me and he had to drag out his phone to show me that it was really Tuesday and Thanksgiving was TWO days away. Thankful we had this little conversation or I would be in the kitchen this morning baking a turkey a day early!
I really need to get a job. The days all run together when you are jobless!
It's time for my shower and last minute checks on what is needed for TOMORROW.
A pleasant Thanksgiving to one and all.

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