Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Goals and The Finish Line

I, apparently, do not have enough to do to keep me busy. I'm pretty positive all that dust accumulating on the furniture and the dust bunnies beneath the beds could use some attention. My house looks presentable. There might not be a shine on every surface but those surfaces are free of everything but dust. A little dust has never bothered me. Because of this attitude towards my house, I look for chores that are in dire need of attention. This leads me to the daughter's home. My attention focused on the hall bathroom and it's needs. It had now been a year and more since we placed new drywall on one wall. I had big plans. A pretty paint, bright towels, new rugs and shower curtain and a counter top with pretty jars and baskets to hold all those things needed in a bathroom.

I got side tracked for a year plus. Last week, I painted that bathroom. I took a survey on the users of that room and no body had a suggestion on paint colors except Carrie. She suggested "white". How simple. That's the color that now dominates the room. Bright garnet towels, rugs and a color blocked shower curtain in black, white and garnet squares brought it all together. A new towel rod supports  those huge garnet colored towels and a full length mirror hangs on the wall alongside. I see the finish line from where I sit. Though I need to add some quarter round molding along the floor, I stopped to start the second project which was on my goal list.

The wood deck has been decorated with sidewalk chalk. Lovely random blocks of color, squiggly markings that only the child that created them understood their meaning, the deck was a mess. Ashes from the BBQ pit added to the colors meshed into the wood. I was determined to bring the wood back to it's former and original state of health.

A few things kept interfering with my race to the finish line. A birthday party, a live theatre performance and school activities caused my projects to extend into a month long endeavor.

The power washer was loaded into the trunk of my car two days ago and the chalk marks disappeared in a powerful jet stream of water. Seeing the original wood reappear, the ashes from the BBQ pit sluffed off, another goal was about to be attained. I don't hate dust but I do detest dirt. The golden color of the deck reappeared. Two days later (today) after the deck had dried, Thompson's Water Seal was applied. The deck is beautiful and better then beautiful, the deck is clean!

I'm a goal oriented person. I set a plan and advance toward my goal. Tomorrow I plan on setting that wood trim piece in that bathroom and I'll be over that finish line!


  1. "Goal oriented."

    "Pain in the ass."


  2. lol Buffalo..I never get anything done unless I set a goal.


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