Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't Touch That..It Might be HOT!

The thunder skips rocks across the sky and the ripples caused slip quietly to the ground. Silence recedes as the rain becomes more intense and the drops can be seen exploding against the concrete driveway. The trees are doing their hula dance, their skirts of leaves  reaching to the left and then billowing back to the right as the gusts of wind heave and fall back.

This weather has been forecast for most of this upcoming week. The temperatures have dropped into the 70's during the night. Is this really August in Southwest Louisiana?

My little corner of the sofa where I sit is shrouded in darkness, the edges of my solitude shows the light from the window approaching. Am I ready to give up to the daylight?

This household actually has a plan for today. It won't be our usual quiet Sunday. Last night as I was removing the garbage pail from beneath the sink, I snagged the power cord that leads to teh dishwasher and unplugged it. I've done this in the past and it was just a matter of plugging it back in to the receptacle.

The sparks arched and danced and the smell of melting plastic singed my nostrils. The husband tried replacing the receptacle last night and now the garbage disposal runs constantly. The switch on the wall beside the sink no longer cuts the power to the garbage disposal. We are not electricians but we should be able to conquer this. We are determined and we also have the telephone number for the Sear's Repair Man.

I'm off to shower and dress before I drift back in my shallow sleep state!

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