Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carrie and Daddy

Carrie is a precious 2 yr. old and she is my granddaughter. She spends a lot of time with me and is a delight to have around. Yesterday we went shopping together which makes for an interesting time with Carrie. She has to wave and say "hello" to everyone she sees. Nothing timid about this little girl.
Our shopping trip had her standing in the cart with a great view of her surrounding.
I heard her exclaim "there is my daddy!" I looked to where she was pointing and noted the gentlemen that looked NOTHING like her father. I questioned her and a sly grin came across her small features. A couple walking by was her next victim. She smiled and as they came close and exclaimed loudly "that's my daddy" again. The young lady looked at her fellow and you could see the storm brewing. Of course I said "oh..she is just playing". They passed on by and I am still wondering how their conversation went the remainder of their day.
Again another couple approaches unaware of what they were walking into. Again Carrie exclaims "that's my daddy!" Again the girl gives her guy a questioning look and again I tried to assure her that Carrie was just a big ole jokester. I'm sure both young ladies were thinking that I was "covering" for their guys. I quickly hushed Carrie and told her she could not be doing that. We exited the store shortly thereafter with me wondering how strong those couples relationships were and if they could withstand Carrie's declarations of fatherhood.


  1. I wonder what happened to the couples too. It's a Jerry Springer world. I wish you had passed a priest! :-) Too funny! The kid's a natural born actor.

  2. Charlotte Ann, I didn't know you had a blog, did I?
    Gtg, the short bus is here to get me! Love ya girl!-K

  3. Karen..I forgot to mention it...;-)....
    I don't post often although when I opened this account I intended it to be a daily diary. So much for "intentions"!


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