Monday, July 31, 2017

Bonin Walker#3----an UPDATE

(see previous post on Bonin Walker#3)
Today Carrie and I again headed to Walmart. Our goal? To buy a bicycle for the Bonin Walker #3.

The young lady walks to work in  the unbearable heat of a southern summer. Trying to find a bicycle  yesterday was a bust. The bikes at the Walmart closest to my house were not acceptable. The team hired by Walmart to do their bike assembly had not put them together correctly and the brakes on them were locked to the tires. This caused us to continue our hunt for a bike today.

Success. Within a few minutes of entering the store in Broussard, we found a bike that would fit our requirements; a 26 inch gray beauty. Our choices were limited as to color for the size and the price range we were seeking. This one would be sufficient.

We rolled that bike to the front of the store, paid for it and proved to the
guard at the exit door with the receipt, the bike was not being shoplifted.  Carrie helped load it into the car. She was so excited that the young walker would be getting a surprise. I explained to Carrie the young woman was trying to support herself and needed a little help. We all need a little help somewhere along the way.

The bike was delivered. The young woman shyly thanked us and we drove away. Our next stop was at the auto parts store and then to Carrie's friend's house where she would be spending the afternoon.

As we drove through my subdivision, a biker was seen heading down the same street toward us, hair flying in the breeze. Closing the gap between us, we identified the rider! It was the young Bonin Walker flying along on her new bike. She gave us a big smile, waved and kept rolling past us. Carrie and I were both smiling. I don't know if she was just enjoying the newly acquired freedom with this ride or if she was on her way to see a friend in this neighborhood but Carrie and I were both thrilled that she had that option. The sun beat down on this hot afternoon but it didn't keep that young woman from enjoying her new 'ride'.
It makes me smile to know she is enjoying her 'day off'. Tomorrow that bike will be the vehicle to get her to her job!

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