Thursday, August 6, 2015

August and Mayhem

Another fall is approaching and it can't get here soon enough! It's August. It's hot. Weather in two words. I could go on to say it's dry and we have brown patches in the lawn threatening to swallow up the entire "once green water soaked June lawn" or I could just say "It's hot!".

It's that time of year when I go into "maintain" mode. By the end of July, I've already had my share of summer so arriving at August is just two much more of the same thing, heat!

July bought us our movie theatre shooting, the extended crash of the oil industry and the sight of more housing with "For Sale by Owner" signs gracing the dried out lawns.

The movie theatre shooting was broadcast nation wide and the parking lot at that theatre could be described as a parking lot for mobile uploads to news stations across the country. A silly story started around that Westboro Baptist Church would be here to picket the funerals of the two women killed. This bit of news reporting was done by Tracie Wirtz again and again on our local station with the WBC logo displayed behind her during every broadcast. The problem with this was immediately after the shooting, Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) made a statement that the shooter was not a member of their church and they did not intend to get involved. This was NOT broadcast over the television. The only thing broadcast was comments on a Twitter account that is not a representative of WBC but someone posting nonsense to stir up the locals and that it did.

Postings on Facebook by every gun totin, peace lovin, god fearin individual were united to form a line against these WBC members that were supposed to show up to picket the funerals of the two women killed at the theatre.

My comment on the page belonging to KATC chiding the reporter on what she was selectively reporting was immediately deleted. I'm assuming she knew exactly what would happen with her reporting. It would have created a wonderful cache of news for the next day's reporting. The media sucks much of the time.

This weather has inspired me to repair, paint and change some things in this house. As long as the air conditioner continues to cool me off, this house with it's chores is where I will be.
Stay cool...only two more months of this stuff!

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