Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting started

I've been up and about for a few hours now. I'm in the middle of a house remodeling project that has been in the process since January. Today I'm not in the mood to paint or scrape or do anything related to this remodel. It's cool and sunny outside and that is where I have been all morning. My flowers are starting to bloom and I have been with them rearranging and cleaning up weeds from the winter. Earlier I was playing with picture editing programs which is something that can entertain me for hours.

I stopped by some of my favorite blog sites and read.Read about other people's lifes, wondered about the single status bloggers and the theme of their blogs seems to be about "finding, decipering, remodeling" themselves. The "couples" bloggers topics are not so much about "me". I've come to the conclusion that after reading some of the "single" bloggers blogs the subject is mostly about "me". Does this change when these bloggers find the love of their life or when they have a family of their own? Do they suddenly focus on children, little league, homes, work and all the responsiblities that come with having a family? Do they ever "find themselves" or do they quit looking? Is it a family of their own that they are really trying to find? Do they look back on their "me" blogs at some later point in their lifes? Is the "me" blog a element of youth or being "single"?

I continue to analyze the "single" blogger and the "not single" blogger. I find that the "not single" blogger is much less tiring to read. The subjects are varied. The "me" factor is scant or at least they aren't posting about trying to figure out who they are. They seldom talk about growth as in self growth. Are they all grown up or do they realize growth is continual and they don't have to ponder on growth?

I have my "ah HA" moments myself. Is that growth? Do I grasp the fact that I have had a growth spurt and move on? Am I really having a "me" moment right now or is this just more analyzing?

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